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How to use Share-Ring


Login to the app with your e-mail address and ring code.

If you don't have a code or want a new one, login with just your email and a new code will be sent to you.

If you've lost or forgotten your ring codes use the form at the bottom of this page to retrieve them.


After login you'll arrive at the ring view. The pictures & videos you share with your partner play back inside the ring.

Swipe across the ring to open and close the ring cover. Opening the cover rewinds the player to the most recent picture or video.

Use the control panel under the ring to stop & start playback, and to cycle through the pictures & videos.

Double-tap on a picture or video to see a larger view.


Double-tap again (or tap the X-close button) to go back to the smaller view.


Tap the Settings tab at the bottom of the screen to go to the settings view.

Enter the email address of someone with whom you'd like to share a ring, they'll automatically be sent an email invitation to join you.

Tap the Logout button to log back in with another code.


Tap the Shoot & Share tab to access the camera and take pictures & videos with the standard iPhone camera controls.
When you're done shooting tap the camera's “Use” button to save your picture or video so that you can send it to your ring, or tap the “Cancel” button to return to your ring without saving.

Confirm or Retake

Send the picture or video to the ring and share with your partner, or retake and shoot again

Whether or not you choose to share, your pictures & videos are always saved to your iPhone's camera roll.


Finally, tap the Send button, your picture or video will be emailed to your ring.

Don't change the email subject line, it contains your ring code formatted in a way that Share-Ring will recognize when it receives your pictures & videos.

It's also important that the email's “From:” address is the same one associated with your Share-Ring login, otherwise your picture or video won't be added to the ring.

These extra layers of security are to protect your ring's privacy.


For thousands of years people have gifted rare gems to symbolize intimate relationships or particular occasions. Now you can surprise your partner by adorning your Share-Ring with a special virtual gem.

Purchasing Gems

Tap the Gems tab to enter the Gem Store.

Swipe left and right to slide different gems onto your ring. Tap the "more info" button to read about each gem's symbolic value. When you find the gem you want, tap the "Buy" button to start your in-app purchase.

Gifting Gems

When you buy a gem you're also gifting it to your Share-Ring partner. Purchased gems will no longer have the "Buy" button. Slide a purchased gem onto your ring and tap the Ring tab to return to your interactive ring. The selected gem will be visible on your ring when it's in the closed state, and will stay until you swap it out for another.

Tilt your ring up and down and side to side, the facets of your gem will sparkle & shine in the virtual light!

Four different gems are currently available in the Share-Ring Gem Store: Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire.


To retrieve lost or forgotten ring codes submit your email address, all codes associated with your email will be sent to you:

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